cPanel UK Webhosting

All our sites are hosted with the best control panel on the market which is cPanel which is easy to use and fast. All our UK Webhosting Packages come with Softaculous one click installer for all the most popular apps so with a few clicks you are up and running also comes free with MagicSpam to help keep those spam emails at bay

Personal Hosting

Our Personal hosting plans are packed full of goodies but at the same time wont make a huge dent in your wallet. All our packages are packed with all the tools you need to create your site wither it is for a photo gallery to show off your images to your friends or just a blog about something you love.

Business Hosting
All our Business hosting accounts are streamlined for performance so that you can run your business site with ease and with our 99.99% uptime you can be reassured that your site will remain up and running and always be running in the background without you having to worry about it. All our packages come with plenty of space, email address to run your business from.

Website Optimisation

Got a slow WordPress site not running as it should not ranking as well as it should with google or other search engines then we can help let us take a look under the hood and we will get your website flying and also make sure its secure and safe. We will always backup and work on your site else where so your site is not affected while we work.

WordPress Site Design

We work mainly with WordPress as it is such a versatile system and we can build your site for you if it's for a Business something Personal or maybe even a Gaming Clan then please fill in our form and we will be more than happy to give you a quote to see some of the sites we have made you can check out our Portfolio.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization's needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity The Office 365 service consists of a number of products and services. All of Office 365's components can be managed and configured through an online portal

Domain Names

uBeHosted Ltd tries to do the best deals on domain names so we offer you the best prices we can, We have a wide selection of domain names to offer so please check out our prices and even if you want to transfer your domain names to us you can save money on your next renewal price.

Website Quote Form

We here at uBeHosted Ltd can help come up with and design your website for you or your business but as with anything we will require your help by getting as much information from yourself so that it helps with designing the look and feel of your site

Our process is pretty simple we will mock up a site with place holder text and images so you start to get a feel for your new site and as we progress we will start asking for any images you want on the site and a write up of what you want to display on the site.

Also we can Optimise your WordPress website for you get it running as fast as possible optimise your images this entire process will help with SEO there is no point having a great looking website if its slow as most people will leave the site if it doesn’t load faster enough.

If you can give us much information below with the form then we will be able to understand your needs a lot better and be able to give you a much more accurate quote right from the start and be able to build your site faster

Once your form has been submitted please allow up to 48 hours for us to work out your quote and get back to you will endeavour to do this a fast as we can for you, We look forward to working with you. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the form.

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